Doctor of Ministry

Ministry is more than understanding … it’s application.

At its core, ministry is the application of biblical truth to current culture and context. Develop a deeper understanding of ministry formation and growth through the Doctor of Ministry at Corban University. The Doctor of Ministry is meant to be completed while you are currently engaged in ministry. It will push you beyond mere reading of the latest philosophies and will require practical application of new concepts that are built on the truth of God’s Word.


Earning a doctorate may be more attainable than you think! Because we recognize that ministry professionals look for options that maximize the stewardship of their resources, Corban has designed a Doctor of Ministry degree that fits reasonably into your budget and schedule. We have purposefully kept tuition costs down so that you can afford the ministry training you need. For just under $100 per month, you can complete your degree when using the Church Matching Scholarship and Corban’s payment plan. The advanced ministry training provided by Corban’s Doctor of Ministry program is within your reach!

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We know that ministry leaders are busy with what matters most: serving Christ and His kingdom through the gifts and opportunities God has given you. Corban’s Doctor of Ministry program is designed to facilitate your ministry agenda. You are able to complete each module’s assignments right where you are, attending only three two-week residencies in June for the entirety of your program. No need to relocate or carve out large chunks of time to be gone from home, family and ministry. Earn your Doctor of Ministry when and where it matters most—earn it now within your immediate personal and ministry setting!

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Ministry must be relevant to be effective. To be relevant in today’s context, leaders need to practice ministry that is biblically-based and culturally-informed. Corban’s Doctor of Ministry program encourages you to reflect deeply and critically on your own ministry practice and context, providing you with tools to advance your understanding and practice of ministry. You will experience this by participating in small classes where leading scholars and ministry practitioners stretch your paradigms, update you on current issues, and provide accountability for implementing real changes in your ministry.

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