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  • 100% Online Programs

100% Online Programs

Corban University’s online ministry options allow you the best of both worlds. Complete your program entirely online or design a hybrid program of online and on-campus courses. You can stay in your current ministry and still benefit from top-tier education. Study with recognized experts in Bible history, theology and Christian leadership.

  • Exceptional Education

Exceptional Education

The faculty has served as leaders in a wide array of Christian organizations around the world. You’ll draw from their breadth of practical experience and depth of theological understanding to realize your full potential as a Christian leader. By taking advantage of our 100% online delivery method, we can take cutting edge, practical ministry training to the front lines of your local ministry.

Our programs prepare you for effective service in a wide variety of fields.


Corban University is dedicated to finding the best ways to communicate God’s truth and deliver the highest quality education in an online format. Our online ministry degrees meet the needs of busy students who want to pursue a graduate degree. We are confident that you will experience the same excellent education and mentoring relationships online as you would on campus, and we want to prove it to you. Try your first online seminary course for $99.

Summer Options

Ecclesiastes (BI600)

Ecclesiastes is a verse by verse and thematic analysis of the book of Ecclesiastes. Emphasis will be upon understanding the message of the book and applying its truths to one’s life and ministry. The book of Ecclesiastes reveals the bankruptcy of our current society more effectively than any other book of the Bible. It does not stop there, however, but tells us how we can live a truly happy and fulfilled life.

Making Disciples Like Jesus Did (CM599)

This course is designed to help those in Christian ministry gain a clearer and deeper biblical understanding of, appreciation for, and engagement in the church’s central directive: to “make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19). These objectives will be accomplished firstly by evaluating the current state of discipleship in the church in America. Secondly, the underlying foundation of discipleship will be developed by evaluating the relevant biblical passages in their historical context. Particular focus will be directed towards Jesus’ teachings about and practice in discipleship. Thirdly, principles of discipleship will be enumerated specifically addressing what it means to be a disciple and the methods by which disciples grow. Finally, the student will be encouraged to contextualize their learning by developing a personal and corporate model of discipleship.

Degree Programs

Corban University School of Ministry has two degrees with multiple tracks to choose from, giving you the option to focus on the kind of training that will make you the most effective in your local ministry.


M.A. Christian Leadership: Christian Teaching

Open doors for ministry in Christian schools, teaching overseas and many other educational settings.

M.A. Christian Leadership: Non-profit Leadership

Equips you to lead and serve in management and administration roles in church and parachurch ministries.

M.A. Christian Leadership: Spiritual Formation

Trains you to better understand how best to help people grow in Christ. This versatile degree benefits anyone seeking to disciple and develop believers in their walk with the Lord.

Master of Divinity: Church Ministry

Represents the standard for training for those in pastoral or missionary work. It combines a solid foundation of Bible and theology courses with current thinking in leadership and church development.

Master of Divinity: Biblical Languages

The Biblical Languages concentration provides the educational base to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree by including study in Greek and Hebrew.

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