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Your time is valuable, so we bring the classroom to you. Your entirely-online classes emphasize discussion through Converge, our online learning platform. You will benefit from classroom interactions without setting foot on campus.

Semester Redefined.

You have enough to juggle without throwing in multiple courses, professors and assignments. The Corban MBA lets you focus on one class at a time during 5 week sessions. There are three sessions per semester allowing you to move through your MBA at a full-time pace finishing all 36 credits in only 16 months. These 5 week sessions also allow you to make the semester work for you. You can choose to take one session off without losing the entire semester.

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The core content of The Corban MBA will empower you to live your career as ministry. Economics, management, information technology, marketing, and global business are a few of the topics that you will explore with current, relevant instruction from faculty who are passionate about training business leaders who will make a difference for Jesus Christ. We give you the knowledge and the opportunity, how are you going to apply it?

Management Track

These courses will challenge you to apply classroom and text concepts to your work immediately. Choose your elective courses based on the topics that apply to your needs and interests.

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Non-profit Management Track

This track focuses on training leaders to meet the needs of non-profit organizations such as churches, missions, or foundations. From stewardship and fundraising to volunteers and management boards, strengthen your understanding of the specific needs of your work place.

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Human Resources Track

The human resource classes will give you the tools to implement organizational and human resource strategies, understand legal considerations, and effectively manage change.

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Core Coursework

Biblical Leadership and Ethics

This course is designed to explore Biblical leadership in the business setting. Through the light of Biblical ethical theory, candidates examine how organizational leaders respond to the situations they face. Candidates also reflect on and apply their own values and ethical understanding to shed light on situations they often face as managers.

BA 513
3 Credits

Economic Analysis and Policy

An analysis of the impact of macroeconomic influences. Determinants of trade balances, inflation, employment rates and monetary/fiscal policy in economic growth are assessed. Attention is given to descriptive and normative aspects of industry structure and growth within the context of bi-national and multi-national agreements.

BA 523
3 Credits

Financial Management

This course is designed to explore the foundational concepts of business finance, including the time value of money, security pricing, valuation, portfolio risk and return and derivative securities.

BA 533
3 Credits

Marketing Management

This course is designed to help students make strategic marketing decisions in an increasingly complex business environment. The foundational principles of marketing will be addressed, and special attention will be given to the rapid changes occurring in the marketplace.

BA 543
3 Credits

Managing Information Technology

Issues of strategic planning and control related to information technology and e-commerce are discussed based on contemporary case studies.

BA 553
3 Credits

Managing the Global Business

An exploration of key business functions in an increasingly global environment.

BA 563
3 Credits

Accounting for Managers

A comprehensive overview of financial information systems with a focus on the use of financial reports in management. A basic understanding of accounting is presumed, and at least three hours of undergraduate accounting is strongly recommended.

BA 573
3 Credits

Organizational Behavior

The study of human behavior in organizations. Emphasizes theoretical concepts and practical methods for understanding, analyzing, and predicting individual, group, and organizational behavior.

BA 583
3 Credits

Strategic Management

Capstone course in the program, taken in the final term. Students will identify a problem within their current work situation and focus on taking an integrated approach (using all the functional areas of business) to research and present a solution.

BA 593
3 Credits

Non-profit Electives

Managing the Non-Profit Organization

Issues facing managers in the non-profit sector will be discussed and include program planning, selecting and managing boards, fund raising, financial and budgeting challenges, and developing strategies. Required for Non-Profit Management Emphasis.

BA 613
3 Credits

Stewardship Issues for Non-Profit Organizations

This course investigates the range of fundraising elements in the non-profit organization, including fundraising strategies, grant writing, program management, and methods and approaches to fundraising. Required for Non-Profit Management Emphasis.

BA 623
3 Credits

Human Resources Electives

Human Resource Strategy

The study of HR’s role within an organization, with a particular emphasis on compliance and on compensation and benefits. Students will design a strategic Human Resource initiative for either their current organization or a desired future employer.

BA 643
3 Credits

Human Resource Management

Theories, concepts, and procedures involved in managing human resources. Examination of the correspondence between organizational strategies and human resources needed to carry out those strategies. Topics include job analysis, compensation and benefits, performance management, succession planning, career development issues, legal considerations, and international issues.

BA 653
3 Credits

Managing Change

Utilizing current books, articles, Scripture, facilitated discussion and case study analyses, Managing Change looks at the Biblical aspects of leading in the midst of change.

BA 683
3 Credits

Other Electives

Financial Planning

This course examines personal financial planning concepts, including budgeting, credit, borrowing, insurance, investing and estate planning.

BA 663
3 Credits


This course provides an introduction to entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on identifying, evaluating and developing new venture opportunities. Topics include opportunity identification and evaluation, startup strategies, business valuation, business plan development, attracting stakeholders, financing the venture, managing the growing business and exit strategies.

BA 673
3 Credits


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