Changing World. Unchanging Word.

Ministry thrives where the unchanging Word of God intersects with a constantly changing world. Ministry is about reaching people – letting Christ transform our lives and communities. But is this simply a nicely stated ideal, or is it a living, breathing reality? Ministry is hard, full of difficult questions, challenging situations and imperfect people. Corban University School of Ministry is dedicated to providing seminary training that equips Christian leaders to study the Word of God with integrity, and prepares them to face the challenges of everyday ministry.

Seminary is not about answering every question you may encounter. It is about developing a holistic biblical worldview and the right tools to discern the answers. It is about being prepared to apply biblical truth in a variety of social and cultural contexts. It is about speaking the truth of the gospel with humility and grace.

Certificate of Biblical Leadership

The Certificate of Biblical Leadership is designed for individuals who are looking for additional training but who do not necessarily need a master’s degree. Because it can be completed online, it is perfect for fulfilling the Bible requirements of a missions agency or for developing a deeper knowledge of teaching the Bible. It can also serve those who do not have an accredited bachelor’s but desire seminary level training.

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Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership is designed to prepare individuals for a variety of leadership positions in ministry and community organizations including associate pastors, non-profit managers, parachurch leaders, Christian school teachers and community service directors. This degree offers seminary training with the opportunity to choose one of the following concentrations: Spiritual Formation, Christian Teaching, or Non-Profit Leadership. All concentrations of the Master’s in Christian Leadership are available online or in a hybrid of online and on-campus courses.

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Master of Divinity

Available entirely online or in a hybrid of on-campus and online classes, Corban’s Master of Divinity lays the foundation for pastors, missionaries, elders and others in church and parachurch ministries. The Master of Divinity is designed to integrate biblical and theological understanding with leadership, ministry and cross-cultural awareness. Focus your education by choosing from a concentration in either Biblical Languages (some on-campus courses required) or Church Ministry.

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Doctor of Ministry in Strategic Leadership

Building on the foundation of a Master of Divinity and your vocational experience in ministry, the Doctor of Ministry in Strategic Leadership provides advanced study in personal and ministry formation. Expand your leadership capacity and effectiveness to take your ministry to the next level. The Doctor of Ministry program requires students to complete a two-week residency at Corban’s Salem, Oregon, campus once a year for the first three years of the program.

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