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Changing World. Unchanging Word.

Are you equipped for the challenges and opportunities in ministry today? In a rapidly-changing culture, ministry leaders are called on to provide guidance, speak truth, and offer grace in a wide variety of contexts and with diverse populations. Ministry leaders make difficult theology accessible for young hearts to set a foundation of biblical truth. They walk with people through seasons of rejoicing, pain, and doubt. They reach out to a growing population of those with no religious affiliation. Today’s leaders need training that is well-rounded in biblical knowledge, theological understanding and practical ministry experience.

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Why Seminary?

How do you prepare to reach an ever-changing culture? Seminary gives you the foundation to meet new challenges and lead a growing ministry for years to come. Seminary is not about answering every question you may encounter. Seminary is about developing a holistic biblical worldview that equips you to discern answers from biblical truth and apply them to a variety of social and cultural contexts.

Advanced Standing

Graduate credit for your ministry classes.

As an alumni of Corban University School of Ministry or graduate of another accredited ministry degree program, you may qualify to transfer credits from your undergraduate degree into your Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. Your master’s degree could be closer than you think.

How does advanced standing work?

Advanced standing allows you to transfer in up to 13 semester credits as part of the Master of Arts in Christian Leadership, or up to 21 semester credits into the Master of Divinity.

What’s my next step?

To find out if you qualify for advanced standing credit, the first step is to contact our Graduate Admissions office. One of our graduate admissions counselors will be able to guide you through the process. Your admissions counselor will ask you a few questions about your previous ministry courses and your intended program, and help you collect your transcripts so they can be passed to the ministry faculty for evaluation.

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Who Should Attend Seminary?

Seminary is the training ground for what comes next. You may be currently serving in a successful ministry or you may be looking to move into full-time ministry, but seminary isn’t only for pastors. Seminary is also for non-profit leaders seeking to share truth in their ministry;  for Christian teachers and principals looking for ways to inspire the next generation; for lay counselors offering biblical guidance; for worship leaders, youth pastors, senior pastors, church executives, , and church elders. If you are interested in developing a deeper understanding of Scripture to lead a more effective ministry, seminary is for you.

Practical Seminary Training

Corban’s Master of Divinity and Master of Arts in Christian Leadership both offer a balance of ministry, Bible and theology courses to give you the preparation you need in theological understanding, biblical truth and practical ministry experience. The seminary courses at Corban are designed to be both immediately applicable to your ministry and grounded in the unchanging principles that will apply to your ministry twenty or fifty years from now. You will experience personal and professional growth as you learn from professors and peers, discussing and wrestling with the topics facing the church today.

Experienced Faculty

The Corban University School of Ministry faculty have an academic background that you would expect from a high-quality seminary: doctoral degrees from respected schools throughout the country. What you might not expect is the real-world experience that each of our faculty bring to the classroom. On average, the Corban University School of Ministry faculty have over 20 years of ministry experience, and continue to actively serve in ministry. You will learn from faculty who have served as senior pastors, missionaries, counselors, youth pastors, and everything in between. Their experience extends to cross-cultural and international ministry, church growth, large churches where roles are specific, and small churches where you wear many hats. They know both how challenging and rewarding ministry can be and are invested in providing you with the tools you need for effective ministry.

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