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Doctor of Ministry in Strategic Leadership

At its core, ministry is the application of biblical truth to current culture and context. Develop a deeper understanding of biblical leadership through the Doctor of Ministry in Strategic Leadership at Corban University. Building on the foundation of a master’s degree and your vocational experience in ministry, the Doctor of Ministry in Strategic Leadership provides advanced study in personal and ministry formation. Expand your leadership capacity and effectiveness to take your ministry to the next level. 

DMin Course Schedule

Year One - Exploring Personal Dimensions of Leadership

Week One - The Spiritual Life of a Leader: How Leaders are Transformed by God

The Spiritual Life of a Leader is a core course designed to enable ministry leaders to reflect upon their relationship with God more knowledgeably, perceptively and objectively amidst the responsibilities and challenges of ministry leadership. Students will develop and apply realistic transformative strategies designed for their own spiritual growth within the context of Christian community. Special attention will be given to the exploration of the theological foundations of spirituality as it pertains to the human condition before God, the transforming power of the cross, and the New Covenant ministry of the Spirit working in conjunction with the God-ordained means of grace.

Week Two - Personal Leadership Foundations: How God Shapes Leaders

Personal Leadership Foundations is a core course designed to help ministry leaders gain a deeper knowledge of themselves in how they have been shaped and prepared by God for an optimal role in His mission. Students will be led through an assortment of assessments that facilitate profound reflection upon their personal and professional lives to the end that they will be able to competently and confidently grow in their calling and cooperate with the Spirit’s transformative work in and through their ministry context.

Year Two - Developing a Philosophy of Leadership

Week One - Philosophic Foundations of Leadership: How Leadership Works

This course examines the philosophic foundations of leadership from a biblical and socio-historical perspective. Students will be directed to consider past and present leadership theory and praxis in light of Scripture. Best practices will be identified and examined in concert with Scripture in order to build a foundation for leadership that is rooted in the historical Christian faith and culturally-informed and relevant.

Week Two - The Culture of Leadership: How Leaders Exegete Ministry Culture

The course assists students in the practice of ethnography. How organizations develop, maintain and change their cultures will be introduced. Students will learn to conduct a 360-degree assessment of their organizations in terms of ministry effectiveness.

Year Three - Building the Essential Skills of Leadership

Week One - The Analytic Dimension of Leadership: How Leaders Develop the Strategic Plan

The course focuses on the content of leadership and how leaders develop it. Leadership practices such as visioneering, strategic planning, goal-setting, team building, leadership development will be examined from a biblical and socio-historical perspective. Students, in cooperation with their governing board(s), will create a strategic plan for their ministries and/or develop the resources necessary to implement it.

Week Two - The Human Dimension of Leadership: How leaders Manage the Strategic Process

The course addresses the various roles, responsibilities and challenges of leadership regarding the people they serve and lead. This will include such topics as how leaders navigate change, manage conflict, deal with difficult people, and handle communication.


Learn from Dr. Gary McIntosh as the primary instructor as he shares his extensive ministry and church leadership experience as the primary instructor for Corban’s Doctor of Ministry in Strategic Leadership.

Doctor of Ministry candidates are required to complete a two week residency on Corban’s campus each summer of the first three years of their program.  During this time you will have opportunity to dig into course topics, meet with your advisor and begin the groundwork for your dissertation.

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