Greg Trull

Greg Trull

Dean of Ministries, Professor of Biblical Studies

Ministry today requires leaders to be effective in communication, understanding of culture, innovative yet biblical in philosophy. The challenges and opportunities in communication and connecting today are incredible. For that reason, we will provide training in formal (preaching and teaching) as well as interpersonal communication. We will also include ministry leadership, business, church growth strategy, cross-cultural ministry and counseling courses designed to address the needs of churches today.

Professional: Dr. Trull teaches Old Testament, Bible interpretation and homiletics and serves as Dean of the School of Ministry. He co-leads study tours to Israel and Egypt with Dr. Tim Anderson and leads Corban’s Bible certificate training program for pastors in Cameroon, West Africa.

He is the senior pastor of Valley Baptist Church in Perrydale, Oregon, where he has served since 1992. Before starting his teaching career at Corban in 1991, he worked as an associate pastor and church planter.

Dr. Trull is the author of Journeying with God: A Survey of the Old Testament (2008) and more than 15 articles and presentations published by Bibliotheca SacraChurch Executive, Bible Study Magazine, Evangelical Theological Society and more. He has served as President and Vice President of the Northwest Evangelical Theological Society.

Personal: Greg married his wife, Tiffany, in 1991, and they have three children: Bradley, Bailey and Bethany. He loves the outdoors: camping, hunting, fishing, hiking and cycling. He’s also a hardcore Dallas Cowboys fan.

Why Corban: “Jesus spent three years with 12 students, one of whom flunked out. The remaining 11 changed the world. We spend four years with a few hundred students who also change the world. There’s no better investment of my life."

Allen Jones

Allen Jones

Assistant Professor of Bible

Professional: Dr. Jones has served in a variety of ministries, including junior high, high school and college, community care outreach, children with special needs, and short-term missions work to Cameroon, South Sudan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania and Mexico. Before coming to Corban, Dr. Jones served as an adjunct professor at Multnomah University, an elementary school teacher, and a graduate lecturer at the University of St. Andrews.

Personal: Allen loves spending time with his wife, Amanda, boating, white water rafting, reading books about the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and interpretation, watching movies that require thought (…and plenty that require no thought) and spending time outdoors.

Why Corban: “I love the feel that I’ve found at Corban. I get to see students in multiple classes, which builds relationships over the course of the years, and I am able to engage them outside of class. Whether it’s a movie night at our house, a rafting trip, or just enjoying a meal together, Corban has a tight-knit community at all levels.”

Annette Harrison

Annette Harrison

Assistant Professor of Intercultural Studies

Professional: Dr. Harrison teaches courses in language and culture acquisition, historical linguistics, sociology, cultural anthropology and intercultural communication. She served with Wycliffe Bible Translators for 23 years in France, Burkina Faso, the Republic of Niger, the Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic.

During that time, she studied people groups in west and central Africa in order to recommend Bible translation priorities and strategies. She also taught linguistics for Bible translation at the Bangui Evangelical School of Theology. She speaks several languages and has learned about many more through linguistic research.

Dr. Harrison has written papers and book reviews on language use in multilingual societies, discourse and pragmatics in African languages, language change in French, dialectology and sociocultural research methods. She has made conference presentations and taught in the United States, Canada, Central African Republic, Kenya, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Her current research interests include multilingualism and diversity in church life, research ethics in cross-cultural context, and cross-cultural engagement at home and abroad.

Personal: Annette has been married to Byron since 1985 and has 22 nieces and nephews. She enjoys reading, long conversations with her husband, walking, spiritual discussions with friends, some gardening, cooking and playing with her dog, Toby.

Why Corban: “I love nothing better than to be in a dynamic community of learners. And it is even better when those learners live Christ-centered lives. Corban is exactly that kind of community. In addition, I love being part of Corban’s vision to contribute to Christ-honoring education internationally. Our learning and growing is not only for ourselves, but to honor God and to serve others. It is a privilege to contribute to the education of men and women who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ.”

Gary W Derickson

Gary W. Derickson

Professor of Biblical Studies

Professional: Dr. Derickson has authored numerous journal articles for Bibliotheca Sacra and other journals. He contributed study notes to the Nelson Study Bible, has authored commentaries on 1 Peter and 1, 2, 3 John, and co-authored The Disciplemaker: What Matters Most to Jesus (2001). He regularly presents biblical exposition papers at meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society and serves in its General Epistles Consultation Study Group. 

Personal: Gary is married to Rebekah, and they have a son, Ian. In his spare time, he enjoys writing fiction (fantasy and science fiction). He also teaches an adult Sunday school class at his church.

Why Corban: “I enjoy seeing students grow spiritually and make life-changing decisions to follow Christ."


Leroy W Goertzen

Leroy W. Goertzen

Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, Associate Professor of Pastor Theology

Dr. Goertzen teaches theology, church ministry and Christian leadership and serves as the Director of the Doctor of Ministry program. He is involved with the School of Ministry’s Bible certificate training program for pastors in Cameroon, West Africa.

Prior to joining the staff of Corban in 2010, Dr. Goertzen served as a professor and D.Min. director for Northwest Baptist Seminary. Since entering ministry full-time in 1982, most of his career has been devoted to serving the church in associate and senior pastoral positions.

Dr. Goertzen is the author of Understanding, Managing & Redeeming Church Conflict (2012) and has contributed articles for Corban’s online journal, Dedicated, and the Great Commission Research Journal. He is a member of the Evangelical Theological Society, The Great Commission Research Network, and the Association for Doctor of Ministry Education.

Mark A. Jacobson

Mark A. Jacobson

Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology

Professional: Dr. Jacobson has been teaching Bible and theology on a graduate level for more than 15 years. He was with Northwest Baptist Seminary when it merged with Corban University in 2009. Prior to teaching at NBS, he planted a church in the Olympia, Washington area and pastored it for 21 years. While he was pastoring, he also taught Bible and theology at the Washington Baptist Teachers College in Tacoma, Washington. He has also taught overseas in the Bangladesh Theological Seminary, an extension seminary of Northwest Baptist Seminary.

Since the merger with Corban, Dr. Jacobson has written numerous articles for Corban's online journal, Dedicated. He devotes most of his time working online in the graduate ministry program.

Personal: Mark has been married to Catherine for more than 40 years and has two daughters, Brenda and Mary, and three grandchildren. When not preparing for new courses or revising old ones, Mark will be riding his bike somewhere around the Salem area, taking photographs or digging around in his yard.

Why Corban: "Working with pastors and church leaders in a seminary setting has been a joy and a privilege. When the merger with Corban took place, I welcomed the chance to continue this ministry and have it extended to the undergraduate level. The seriousness of the students and their desire to serve the Lord are impressive!"

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

Assistant Professor of Missions

Professional: Dr. Johnson teaches courses related to intercultural studies (missions), the purpose and development of the church, disciple-making, and cross-cultural competency. He serves as the faculty advisor for the TrueNorth Corps, Corban’s student missions organization, helps to organize Corban’s annual World Outreach Week and annual Breakaway Retreat (student missions retreat), and leads cross-cultural ministry trips each summer for Corban students.

Dr. Johnson is a third-generation pastor’s kid and has more than 20 years of experience in cross-cultural ministry, including 10 years serving in central Mexico in church planting, missions mobilization and field leadership with the mission agency known as Camino Global. He continues to serve as a missions consultant to local churches and enjoys leading workshops and seminars at ministry-focused conferences.  He is the author of Creating Disciple Making Movements: How the Making of Holistic Disciples Is Central to the Mission of Christ (2012). 

Personal: Paul married Jenny in 1989, and they have three children, all born while they served in Mexico: Bethany, Elisa and Andrew. The Johnsons also have two cats that have ruined their furniture: Boots and Rupert. Paul enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor activities and watching sporting events. His entire family is active in various ministries at their church.

Why Corban: “The mission of Corban University is ‘to educate Christians who will make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:19-10).’ I cannot think of a more strategic place to be than a school like Corban that is committed to educating and challenging students to align their hearts and lives under the lordship of Jesus Christ, to His ultimate purpose in the world – making disciples who make disciples of all people for His glory!”

Samuel Baker

Samuel Baker

Associate Professor of Student & Family Ministries

Professional: Dr. Baker teaches in the areas of Christian ministry, upper division Bible and theology courses, and is the chair of the Christian ministries department. He has more than 30 years of ministry experience, serving churches in California, Oregon and Washington in the following areas: youth ministry, children's ministry, sports and recreation ministries, men's ministry, adult ministries, family ministries, pastoral care and counseling, church administration, and Christian education. He also serves as a ministry trainer, camp speaker, conference workshop and seminar speaker, church leadership consultant and regular pulpit supply.

Dr. Baker is a member of the Society of Professors of Christian Education (SPCE), the Association of Youth Ministry Educators (AYME), and the International Association for the Study of Youth Ministry (IASYM). He has had book reviews and articles published in the Journal of Christian Education, the Journal of Youth and Theology, and other publications. His research interests are in the areas of faith development along the lifespan, spiritual typology, technology’s impact on faith, Christian leadership, and current trends and issues in ministry practice.

Personal: Sam has been married to his wife, Alyson, since 1986. They have two daughters, Courtney and Katie, and a dog named Cozmo. In his spare time, Sam is an avid movie buff, reads mostly non-fiction books, loves spending time with family, enjoys being with students outside of class, and pursues all kinds of sports and recreation activities. He’s also a die-hard Denver Broncos fan… GB2

Why Corban: “Prospective students, and their parents, have asked me this question for years, ‘Why Corban?’ The answer is simple, and always the same, ‘Because of the students!’ There’s something different about working with students at Corban. Their heart, their gifting, their passion and their personalities bear the imprint of God uniquely transforming their lives into something truly amazing. It’s a privilege to be able to come alongside students, helping them to discover and develop their unique place in the Kingdom of God. Soli Deo Gloria!”

Tim L. Anderson

Tim L. Anderson

Professor of Bible and Theology

Professional: Dr. Anderson has taught theology and biblical studies at Corban for more than 25 years.  He co-leads study tours to Israel and Egypt with Dr. Greg Trull and works with an ongoing pastoral training ministry in Cameroon, West Africa.  He also teaches at Corban's Ambex study abroad program in Germany.

Dr. Anderson has served in international ministry in Russia and Great Britain, as well as preaching, teaching, worship-leading and counseling in church ministry. He has had articles published in Dedicated and presented papers at the Evangelical Theological Society annual and regional meetings. He has also served as president of the northwest region of the Evangelical Theological Society.

Personal: Tim and his wonderful wife Barbara have four amazing children: David, Jonathan,Emily and Stephen. Their three oldest have all graduated from Corban and their youngest is now a student there.

Why Corban: “Great students, fantastic colleagues, supportive administrators, endless opportunities … What better place is there to help inspire and train Christian students to more effectively and passionately advance the gracious rule of the Lord Jesus Christ in the minds and hearts of this dark world?”


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