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It isn’t about making ministry easier … it’s about preparing leaders to accept the challenge.

Regardless of whether ministry is going well or we are facing significant ministry challenges, we always need to return to our foundation – the unchanging Word of God. Corban University exists to prepare leaders to make a difference in the world for Jesus Christ. The Master of Divinity at Corban will give you the tools to accurately interpret Scripture within its historical, geographical and cultural background and to apply it to your current ministry’s context, location and cultural demands.

Master of Divinity Core

The Master of Divinity provides depth of study in both Bible and theology. Scripture gives us the answers we need to answer tough ministry questions in the church, in missions and in life. “Living and Learning” the Word isn’t merely a course title, but a commitment to biblical application.

The Master of Divinity is designed to equip and send out well-balanced individuals who are able to communicate the gospel with conviction and clarity. Seminary is about more than passing grades and completed assignments. It is about training in cross-cultural awareness, counseling and ministry philosophy that can be used in a real and tangible way. The Master of Divinity is about understanding the unchanging Word of God in order to apply it to ever-changing ministry situations.

Topics of Study

  • Interpreting and Teaching Scripture
  • Servant Leadership
  • Worldviews
  • Church History
  • Preaching
  • Theology

Church Ministry

Corban offers two concentrations within the Master of Divinity so you can take the seminary courses you need for your ministry and be academically qualified for the next step in your education. The Church Ministry concentration is available entirely online and provides the educational base to pursue a Doctor of Ministry degree.

Topics of Study

  • Counseling
  • Leading
  • Ministering

Biblical Languages

Each concentration is designed to take you deeper in the Word and grow your knowledge and understanding. The Biblical Language concentration provides the educational base to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Topics of Study

  • Exegesis
  • Greek
  • Hebrew


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